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10 Ara 19, 14:45 ÖS

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Gönderen Konu: Big Fish Audio - Neo Folk (KONTAKT)  (Okunma sayısı 111 defa)

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Big Fish Audio - Neo Folk (KONTAKT)
: 14 Ağustos 2019, 19:54:48
Big Fish Audio - Neo Folk (KONTAKT)

Big Fish Audio - Neo Folk (KONTAKT) | 3.12 GB

Due to the tremendous success of artists such as Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers, The Civil Wars, Alabama Shakes, The Avett Brothers, etc., Neo-folk has saturated the air in recent years. Neo-folk has become extremely popular in advertising, film and television music.

NEO-FOLK is a mixture of musical roots created by merging the common traditions that make up the American musical ethnicity, in particular those sounds that are combined by the genres Folk, Country, Bluegrass, Roots Rock and Blues ... The Neo-Folk spirit draws parallels with the ideas of Americana , Indie Rock and Indie Folk, which leads to a characteristic sound, focused on the roots and this sound lives in a world separate from the pure genre forms on which it relies.
This collection of 24 sets includes all Bluegrass and Folk instruments that embody the popular genre: banjo, mandolin, good, violin and guitar, each playing in a rhythmic style based on alternative rock and folk. Instruments are performed by a stellar lineup: Dennis Kaplinger (JJ Cale, Eric Clapton) on the guitar, good, mandolin, violin, banjo; Session bassist Josquin des Pres and Groove master drummer Danny Barragan (Frankie J., Pit Bull).
Bring some Neo-folk roots to your music with this collection of instrumental loops and samples. Use them as building kits to create a track or cut, process loops for experimental use.

Publisher: Big Fish Audio
Website: bigfishaudio
Format: KONTAKT 4+
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

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[url]https://uploadgig.com/file/download/4b3dA304d00dfdb6/Neo[/url] Folk - KLI.part1.rar
[url]https://uploadgig.com/file/download/bcd07fc9ceb37F7c/Neo[/url] Folk - KLI.part2.rar
[url]https://uploadgig.com/file/download/88f5944e34BebDd6/Neo[/url] Folk - KLI.part3.rar
[url]https://uploadgig.com/file/download/1A7a30401D693C5d/Neo[/url] Folk - KLI.part4.rar




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